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I am a massive fan of finding the least rubber stamps   pricey way to technique a mission. I always love a good buy. Purchasing stamps, I make an exception and don’t compromise. Wooden stamps have an first rate variety of excellent and visual motor blessings, but if using the less pricey, small plastic stamps, the hand strengthening benefits are lost. In fact, the child will maintain them in a manner that is counterproductive to tries to reinforce the arms.

Wooden stamps are pricier that their counterpart, but one or timber stamps in place of 20 small plastic knockoffs is really worth the trade-off. Handy parents can buy the cheaper fashions, pry the rubber off and glue it to a wooden block (approximately 1″ rectangular).

Using wood stamps stretch the thumb faraway from the palm and the hands need to curl round to comprehend the other aspect of the stamp. It requires lively paintings from all the finger muscular tissues.


The huge area among the thumb and fingers is known as the “Web Space” and could be very important for controlling the pencil. When holding the stamp correctly, the muscle tissues that create the internet space get stronger.
The method of stamping the ink pad, then the paper is a easy motor sequence (an vital factor of motor planning).
Holding the paper consistent with the non-dominant hand turns this right into a bilateral hobby.
Stamping in a particular vicinity incorporates eye hand motor coordination demands.
Creating a design or sample with stamps turns on creativity and visual perceptual reasoning.

1. Be certain the thumb is stretched throughout to one side of the stamp and the opposite arms grasp the alternative facet, growing an arc within the hand.

Smaller stamps (pictured under) allow the kid to “cheat” by way of clutching the side of the stamp towards the aspect of the index finger. The critical muscle groups to get strong in this pastime are no longer activated.


This genuinely strengthens the incorrect muscle institution. So, make sure the child is preserving the stamp effectively. By preserving the stamp correctly the child develops the motor manage necessary for obtaining the proper mechanics for preserving and using a crayon, marker, pencil and pen.

The hand strengthening that happens additionally builds staying power. For the youngest youngsters in daycare and preschool, stamping activates a new group of muscle groups in the thumb and hands. For older children, Kindergarten and past, it continues the strengthening procedure however also builds staying power so they will have more staying electricity for excellent motor obligations together with writing.

2. For very younger kids (2-3 years), stamping paper randomly is more than sufficient venture.

Three. Fold a chunk of paper into squares and have the child stamp inside every square one time.

4. For older kids, specifying a pattern provides an interesting project (older 3’s on).


Getting greater challenging (A-B-C PATTERNS):



Special Considerations and Extensions:

For the more youthful infant the easy collection of alternating stamping paper and ink pad in itself is a task. Remembering to position the stamp effectively, press into the ink pad after which onto the paper on every occasion can be quite a mission. Younger youngsters will need to maintain stamping the paper in a repetitive way without re-applying ink on every occasion.
With the older child (Kindergarten and past) stamping may be included into academic paintings, artwork projects and be used as a tool to increase pattern sequencing and spatial abilities.
For example, have the kid select or extra stamps and follow a pattern to cover the whole web page. This is a pleasant manner to boost the A-B, A-B-C and so on. Patterns which can be taught in school. Adding shade changes makes the pattern series quite complicated and more tough.

Here are some simple projects, from simplest to more hard:

Tape big paper to the desk and permit a set of youngsters to stamp away. Remind them to hold stamping the ink pad to ensure the affect is made.
Same random stamping with a single sheet of paper in keeping with infant. The baby can also use one or more stamps to create a photo or design.
Students can create their very own design on paper. This can be unfastened form, or shape may be imposed.
Stamping can be used to enhance cards, home made wrapping paper and different miscellaneous paper items.
Stamps can be substituted for writing and math assignments with letter and quantity stamps. These sets tend to be small, but, and you need to make sure the scholars hold to maintain them with finger hints in place of to the aspect of the finger.
Where to locate Wooden Stamps:

Stamps may be purchased at craft stores consisting of Michael’s (a big chain craft keep).

Online sources to reserve stamps:




If you are on a budget right here are a few ways to make inexpensive stamps:

Cut designs into potatoes or massive carrots. Use ink pads or without a doubt use wellknown school room artwork paint. (these can best be used one time).
Inexpensive rubber designs can be bought after which affixed to wood blocks.


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