I Used Woolash for Two Months and Here’s The Result

Longer, fuller, thicker, shinier, and curlier lashes are the goals of most girls. Sadly, now not all of us became born with this look-improving lashes.

Of direction, we have quite a few alternatives: using mascara, falsies, and other few treatments. These provide you a transient escape path to looking extraordinary. And worst nonetheless, regularly using those synthetic merchandise and extensions may permanently damage our lashes, leaving lots of bald spots. Would you like a situation like that?

My Quest for an Eyelash Growth Serum That Works

In current months, I’ve been rocking my falsies. I love their curls, the colour… And the time they stored me each morning (at least I don’t have to follow mascara and curl them). But I turned into struck by using fact after as much as a yr of sporting them.

Removing the ultimate one induced high-quality havoc to my lashes. I noticed they were sparse, snapped, and brittle, with a number of bald spaces.

Before I could not count the number of my lashes however now it is a one of a kind thing. I turned into capable of see approximately 20 some thing left on my top left lashes… Few greater than that at the right. Lower lashes have been the worst. I assume I saw less than 10 on both eyes. Dammit.

I at once commenced looking for the pinnacle eyelash serums available on the market. I had my priorities set: I wanted the great lash serum this is budget-friendly plus a tune report of increasing the length and filling the bald space left with the aid of falsies.

I saw a few few promo photos on Google, Facebook, and Instagram for eyelash boom products like Idol Lash, Latisse, and Grandelash. But, mehn! My findings exposed the negative aspects of those pinnacle-rated eyelash increase serums.

Some of them are manner above my price range… Some comprise questionable elements that most of the users locate too unfriendly to the eyes… A few completely changed the color of the iris… Many are undeserving for lactating and nursing moms… And hundreds of other facet results.

I best wanted lusher lashes without the masses of aspect outcomes that accompany maximum of the excellent eyelash increase enhancer.

After spending greater than 2 hours doing a number of studies on these lash enhancers… And analyzing a variety of evaluations plus sorting out the aspect listing… I ultimately determined one which tickles my fancy of what the quality eyelash serum to develop lashes need to be.
The call is Woolash.

I came throughout their internet site after I searched for “the handiest eyelash enhancer” on Google.

Like each other website I’ve been journeying earlier than Woolash, I decided to test what they offer. I examine that it became formulated with natural and plant-based totally components… The manner it incites the napping and susceptible lash cells to begin performing… And the way it enables lashes to grow longer, thicker, and properly- conditioned.

I don’t absolutely fancy period write-ups. And due to the fact that I recognise simply the components I want in my serum, there is no factor in taking the ache to examine what I call “empty guarantees.”

I flipped to their substances listing, and wow! Woolash is the simplest lash serum that is hormone loose, latex loose, carcinogen-unfastened, and would not have artificial shades and fragrance. Plus, the $forty nine.Ninety five fee consistent with bottle, plus dealing with and shipping, placed a big smile on my face straight away.

Frankly speaking, I became skeptical and little hesitant that Woolash serum could work (don’t mind me, my intuition was judging pleasant based on the price).

But interest, my habit of checking out out new merchandise, and, most significantly, my bald lashes made me give up my cash immediately. (observe that this became my first time hearing approximately Woolash, so I was sincerely taking a bet).

My Woolash Review

I’ve been the usage of Woolash for almost 8 weeks, and I love it. My lashes now look lusher, longer, and thicker.

It all started simply after three weeks of daily software. Although the practise suggested twice daily application, however I most effective use Woolash before middle of the night. (Just Imagine if I were to be the usage of it twice day by day. I’m certain with the aid of now my lashes could had been touching my glass body.)

Now my lashes are actually thicker and nicely-conditioned. I severely love them… And I hold giving myself kudos for making this sort of clever decision by way of selecting the only eyelash enhancer in the market.

Now, I reckon my lashes have grown up to three times longer than they used to be a few 8 weeks again. (I nonetheless need them longer and I’m positive I’m going to reap the duration I need before the 12 months ends).

Check out my before and after photographs.

How Does Woolash Works?

This is coming right from their internet site. And I’m just going to summarize the lengthy notice for you.


Get your makeup, mascara, particles, and oils faraway from your lashes earlier than applying your serum at bedtime. After the use of the exceptional lash serum to your lashes within the morning, make sure you look ahead to as much as five minutes to get your eyelash increase serum into your epidermis before applying every other product for your lashes.


Gently dip your serum brush into the content to get it soaked up with the eyelash enhancer. Starting from the nook of your eye outwards, practice a skinny line of Woolash without delay to the base of the top and lower lash traces, unfold alongside the roots as although you are applying your eyeliner. Then sweep through the whole length of the bottom and top eyelashes.

The Result

The combination of bioactive phytomolecules and natural wealthy botanicals will immediately find their way all the way down to the dermis, wherein the dermal papilla and follicles are located. Then, the properly-formulated serum will restore the broken communique between them, thereby sending the growing indicators to the lash cells.

Therefore, the lively cells start to mirror and push old cells up via your hair follicles to the surface of the skin. That’s the way you get the longer, fuller, and thicker lashes you want.

As long as the communique is maintained… And your hair follicles aren’t broken with the aid of fireplace and different things… Your naked, sparse lashes will quickly be high-fiving you in your formidable step of choosing this top-rated eyelash boom serum.

The producers of Woolash additionally promised result in 1 or 2 weeks… And others have to permit 4 to eight weeks.

So, by way of the usage of the top eyelash serum, you will soon be receiving masses of compliments from buddies, family, and people you barely know (do not inquire from me how I recognize this.)
Some Other Things You May Need to Know About Woolash – The Most Effective Eyelash Enhancer

• A bottle of this lash increase serum cost $49.Ninety five. Three bottles cost best $ninety nine.Ninety five, and the massive one is the 5 bottles that price just $149.95… It’s a saving of $ninety nine.8.

• Woolash labored for me without any inflammation. From my findings, I got to understand that natural components also can go away you with some facet results. So, when you have very touchy pores and skin, you may nonetheless experience a few inflammation around the eye for a few few days (I recognize this due to the fact my daughter complained of a few tingling round her eyes for four days of the usage of Woolash Eyelash Growth Serum.

• Don’t expect an instant result. I noticed that my bald spot turned into generating some lashes after 3 weeks of the usage of the satisfactory eyelash growth serum. The conditioning, curling, and thickening impact did not come till currently. So, for me, all of it started by way of getting to my pressing problem, which is filling my bald area.

• You might also… Or might not… Put on your mascara. It’s your call. But make certain you permit the lash enhancer time to sip in before applying your mascara.

• The bundle claimed that Woolash is cruelty-unfastened, artificial fillers-unfastened, and is formulated best with natural extracts.

• Woolash comes with a hefty 60-day money lower back assure, this means that you can speedy go back this high-quality eyelash serum to grow lashes must you discover it wrong for you.

• This lash enhancer enhance of a 7.Five ml content, which have to ultimate for up to four months when carried out two times daily.

• Don’t fret while you enjoy some tingling round your eyes. Most humans with such reactions have it disappeared after three to 5 applications.

My Final Verdict on This Eyelash Growth Serum That Works

When it comes to a lash serum that fulfills its guarantees, Woolash is a cross-to serum. From assisting you fill bald, sparse spaces to providing you with longer, thicker, fuller, and curlier lashes, Woolash is the real deal.

I actually have discovered my desire serum, and I’m no longer going back on this product. I love the pocket-pleasant charge, the feel, and the manner it compliments my appearance.
I assume you ought to supply Woolash a brief, too.

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